For the Love of Cycling 15 Things Cyclists Dream Of

Sara Phillipps
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Like most hobbyists, cyclists also yearn for all kinds of idealistic scenarios when planning their next trek to make for the most exciting, adventurous and adrenaline-fuelled rides.

Here are the top fifteen things cyclists love doing no matter what skill level or part of the world they’re from!

1. Conquering the peak

There’s no better feeling than setting out on the bike with uncertainty and, let’s admit it, a little bit of self-doubt only to crush the run and reach the top in triumph as you conquer those climbs!

Regardless of the incline or what stage of riding you’re at, this is the very beginning of cycling satisfaction.  

2. Riding with the breeze

Coasting downhill with the wind at your back creates no better feeling when you’re out on the bitumen. You’ll feel like you’ve tapped into an unknown power source while enjoying the much-deserved boost. 

By some way of a miracle, you might even get to experience a tailwind riding out as well as one back which is one type of double whammy you actually want! 

3. Ditching the pals

Although it’s fun to have some company, riding alone can provide that unique sense of pure freedom that you just won’t have cycling alongside your buddies. 

You can ride, take breaks and modify the route as much as you please by planning a revitalising solo run. 

4. All green ahead

One of the biggest downers about urban cycling is dealing with tedious traffic lights interrupting your run. As stopping and starting is not much fun, most cyclists have either dreaded the day they encounter a sea of red stop lights, or dream of that perfect green-lit run through city streets. 

5. France 

It’s France! Need we say more?  
A lot of parts of Europe can be cycling meccas, so get yourself into gear and plan a trip! 

6. New apparel 

New threads not only feel amazing, but also serve as a confidence booster. Every cyclist loves pulling on the new apparel, experiencing newfound comfort and looking like a pro. 

Don’t forget how jealous your mates are going to be either when you turn up for the next ride in your shiny new stuff. 

7. Light gear 

The one piece of advice you’ll hear most often is how much better it is to cycle ‘lighter’. This is particularly true when it comes to your kit, but still as equally important as your body weight.  

Bike and kit components like frames, shoes, handlebars and many other things all affect your riding capabilities and comfort. 

This also applies to what you decide to carry on your back – our advice; if you don’t need it, lose it. 

8. A clean set of wheels

A clean bike is a well-maintained bike. A well-maintained bike means performance improvements and money saved as your bikes parts will last significantly longer and operate more smoothly. 

In addition to the performance potential and enhanced lifespan, who wants to trek out on a dirty, grimy bike anyway? 

9. Freehub sounds 

The sound of a freehub is rather satisfying. Stop pedalling for a moment and listen to that smooth ticking sound as it briefly relaxes you. Try not to enjoy it too much though, you’ve got work to do! 

10. Successful new routes 

 Riding a route for the first time can be daunting, risky and just downright impractical. However, accomplishing such a route is incredibly rewarding, inspiring you to look for more or even introduce your buddies to it in the future. 

11. New bar tape application 

 Apply some new bar tape before your next big ride and try to tell us it’s not incredible! 

12. Beating others off the mark

Similar to any professional sport or physically active hobby, a bit of showboating is completely necessary and expected where due. 

Beating other cyclists of the mark from the traffic lights is the ultimate confidence enhancer and is something every rider should bask in the glory of while it lasts – a brief second or two! 

13. Nailing your PB 

Record and time keeping is one thing but demolishing a personal best over and over again is the type of thing that keeps cyclists up at night. 

If you’re not creating realistic, measurable goals and recording them, now’s the time to start. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing yourself improve with every practicing ride. 

Solid, defining indications like PB’s of your skill sets improving are the best and most encouraging methods of practicing riding perfection. 

14. Awesome eats!

While some cyclists may be fitness fanatics, who doesn’t think of the coffee and cakes at the end of a half-day run? 

Like most sports, there’s always a reward for your efforts. For recreational cyclists it just happens to most likely be sweet treats – not that we’re complaining! 

15. Post-ride Soak ‘n Soothe 

Saving the best till last, the one aspect of cycling that undoubtedly everyone universally looks forward to is jumping in the tub and soothing those muscle aches with warm, soapy water. 

The aches are also a reminder of just how hard you worked and what it takes to accomplish the goals you’ve set.  

Always remember that pain is your friend when it comes to fitness reassuring yourself that it’s only temporary and you’ll be recovered and ready for next weekend’s ride! 

Unless you’re a newbie, you already know that cycling isn’t as one dimensional as it seems. There is always rooms for improvement for cyclists, their abilities and planning that dream run where you’re lucky enough to tick the box next to all fifteen of these elements! 

Stay safe out there and as usual, happy cycling!