Garmin Edge 820 - Vogue Cycling
Garmin Edge 820 - Vogue Cycling
Garmin Edge 820 - Vogue Cycling
Garmin Edge 820 - Vogue Cycling

Garmin Edge 820

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Garmin’s Edge 820 is the compact, touchscreen cycling computer for competitors and serious achievers who need GPS navigation and an altimeter to tell you how fast, how high and how far you've gone. It offers advanced performance monitoring like VO2 max, FTP Tracking and new Performance Condition as well as advanced cycling dynamics, GroupTrack, in-ride challenges through Strava live segments and connected features that include full varia cycling awareness compatibility.

Performance Features
Performance features includes advanced performance and power analysis, including VO2 max, Recovery Adviser, FTP/Watts/kg tracking, performance condition /lactate threshold / stress score, as well as advanced cycling dynamics and connected features. The ability to support multiple bike profiles is a serious benefit for those who are multidisciplinary, with the Edge 820 storing multiple bike setups. It has an auto start feature to start your timer automatically at custom speeds of your choice, and you can even train against a virtual partner. With the ability to compete against previous activities, the Edge 820 is allowing you to monitor your performance like never before, and begging you to get out there and fight hard to improve your performance.

Gain control of your data and output with auto pause, auto lap, and auto scroll features, and know how far, fast and high you have ridden with the built-in GPS, GLONASS and altimeter. This guarantees accurate ride data, wherever your ride takes you. Time/distance alerts are available to trigger alarms when you reach your goal, and improve your training by setting up exercise and rest intervals. Purchase the bundle to compute your calories burned via the HRM, and have your power data measured via compatible 3rd party ANT+ enabled power meters.

Connectivity Features
The world of Garmin invites you to connect with others, and has created a vibrant social atmosphere in the world of cycling. The 820 continues this trend with a plethora of connectivity features to feast your eyes on.

An integrated accelerometer detects incidents, and automatically or manually sends a location message to your emergency contacts for assistance (primarily for road use). Keep in touch with those your ride the road with through GroupTrack, and navigate exceptionally with either the Preloaded Garmin Cycle Map, RoundTrip Course Creator, and on device course planning. 

• Weight: 67.7g
• Dimensions: 73 x 49 x 21 mm
• Water resistance: IPX7
• Display Type: Color touchscreen (works with gloves and when wet)
• Display Resolution: 200 x 265 px
• Display Size: 58.4 mm diagonal
• Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion
• Battery Life: 15 hours (in GPS training mode)

• Electronic Shifting: Integrate with Shimano Di2 and ANT+ electronic shifting
• Compatible with ANT+ indoor bike trainers
• Garmin Connect compatibility to analyze, categorize and share data
• Automatic Sync transfers data to your computer automatically
• Smart notifications displays texts and calls with your compatible smart phone

• Edge 820
• USB cable
• Tether
• Manuals

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