XLITE 100 - Smart LED Taillight

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We have re-thought the conventions of the standard bike light. Our goal? To provide riders the most advanced bike light on the market, which will improve their road safety, riding experience, and bicycle value. Best of all, our product is completely environmentally sustainable! Still don't believe us? Check out the numerous critically acclaimed reviews.

At the heart of the Xlite 100 is a unique patented system of gyroscopes and light sensors working to accurately adjust the light to your every move. Fully automated; the Xlite 100 will switch on under motion, flicker while you ride and dynamically brighten when you brake, and decelerate. The Xlite 100 will adjust under varying lighting conditions to save battery where required, and ensure visibility under high luminous intensity. It will also turn itself off after 60 secs when you stop!

Minimalist and sleek in design, the premium machined aluminium ensures quality, durability and IPx6 waterproofing. The Xlite 100 is extremely versatile, and can be securely mounted anywhere. With a large internal 400 mAh Li-ion battery the Xlite 100 will last an entire week (20+ hours) under a single charge.


  • Premium CNC machined Aluminium Chassis
  • patented system of gyroscopes and light sensors with Self-Adaptive Balancing Technology
  • Manual & Auto Modes
  • 20 Powerful Red COB LEDs + EnSca Lens rate at 100 Lumens
  • High Luminous Intensity; Visible Up To 500m
  • IPx6 Waterproof
  • Automatic Shut Downafter one minute of No Movement
  • Automatic Shut Downafter 30 sec exposed in a High Light Intensive Environment
  • Large 400mAh Li-ion re-chargeable battery, with USB charging
  • Up to 20-30 hours Runtime