Chequered Shirt Jersey - Vogue Cycling
Chequered Shirt Jersey - Vogue Cycling

Chequered Shirt Jersey

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Not only will its design make you stand out from the crowd, it also has a ton of features, ensuring only the highest comfort and performance.  For dedicated and determined riders who want to take their riding to the next level!

It's made from polyester material. It's lightweight and breathable feature offers more comfort and versatility to the style savvy cyclists out there. Whether you're in for a long ride on a weekend or just a short commute to work. With faux button and pocket detailing, all in a modern chequered print, this jersey is what you need!

It's 3 pockets at the back provides provision for all your riding essentials such as the multi tool, an extra apparel in case of a sudden weather changes plus all your favorite snacks!

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