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6 Reasons Why Cycling is on the Rise Amidst the COVID Crisis

6 Reasons Why Cycling is on the Rise Amidst the COVID Crisis 

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It’s a funny time. We’re uncertain of what’s to come, have confusing restrictions to decipher and have been locked down for far too long. Exercise has become the go-to option for people starting to go a little ‘cuckoo’ during the COVID-19 debacle.

“But I’m still trying to avoid crowds”, you say.  

Well, that’s just another good reason why recreational cycling has jumped 300% over the past three months. Let us give you a few more convincing reasons why you should get the old deadly-treadly out right now! 

1. It’s enjoyed together, while keeping distant 

One of the best things cycling has going for it is the fact that you’re able to ride both solely or as a group. With the emphasis at the moment being placed around the 1.5-meter rule, it’s perfect for adhering to social distancing practices. 

As flexibility in our lives diminishes as the weeks roll on, cyclists remain within their element and are able to continue their passion as they please. It’s also one of the few sports that have barely been restricted or limited in some way by government regulation and looks to stay that way!  

2. It’s non-competitive

Although at times a ride might seem intense and adrenaline-spiking, cycling really isn’t the most competitive sport. It’s more of a leisurely activity seen as a comfortable mix of exercise, fun and socialising.

You don’t have to be the fittest, the fastest or feel as though you’re pressured to prove anything when you’re on that bike. It’s all about being outdoors with your mates and getting the body moving. 

Now’s not exactly the best time to be focused on training or preparing for any athletic competition, so it’s completely understandable that a sport like cycling would be the next best alternative.

We need to find an outdoor hobby that keeps us energetic and relaxed simultaneously and what better way than to be encouraged to get in shape rather than being bantered with.

3. Relatively inexpensive for beginners

Most sports these days will cost you an arm and a leg to get you started, not cycling. You could virtually spend as much or as little as you wanted to and still part of a dynamic riding group completing successful daily or weekly runs. 

With the frightening unemployment numbers and economic statistics force fed to us daily, it’s no wonder people are turning to relatively ‘cheaper’ means of exercising and keeping active. 

Comparing and judging bikes, gear and riding abilities among cyclists in a group setting is practically non-existent, so there’s no need to worry about not measuring up to anyone else. 

A few hundred dollars is likely all it takes to get you in the game! 

4. Staying healthy and active

Being couped up at home for months on end is good for nobody. We all know that too much of anything can be detrimental to our physical health, so get outside! 

In addition to grabbing some fresh air for a change, getting mobile and taking in some new scenery is probably just what you need. This is particularly important for middle-aged and senior folks that are accustomed to their daily activities and feel a heightened sense of wellbeing with their routine in check. 

Another influential factor is of course, time. We may all have spare time on our hands right now, but once we’re all back to our regular routines, we’ll want something we can continue post-COVID.  

It’s quite easy to squeeze a 1-hour ride into your day, however not so simple if you’re looking to take up golf! 

5. Maintain your sanity!

Staring at the same four walls all day will drive anyone a little nuts if they don’t get an appropriate amount of outdoors time. It’s evident that some have turned a bit loopy in the midst of the pandemic as we’ve all seen with the panic purchasing and the likes of crazy, head-to-toe sanitary outfits. 

Keeping a clear head and calm demeanour among stressful, unprecedented times is an absolute must if we all want to pull through the crisis unscathed.  

As much as we all love the close-nitted living arrangements we now have with our families, a break is eventually inevitable.  

Apart from the route ahead, you’ll have nothing else to contemplate once you finally organise that next big trek. 

6. It’s a breath of fresh air, literally 

The stress that the COVID crisis has placed on working professionals has immensely increased, sending the cortisol levels amongst them and their families through the roof! 

Cycling is now a better way of getting outside and just being by yourself for a few minutes or a few hours. Getting outside and catching some rays while taking a deep breath as you whisk through the corners is a reliever that we could all use at the moment! 

It’s also something that’s measurable. You can monitor and plan to improve on your performance which gives riders purpose and something to strive towards each time they ride. 

Whether you were a fan or not of this two-wheel sport before COVID-19 hit, it’s never too late to take up the current most popular form of exercise. 

Make a trip to your local cycling store to discuss how you can get started today. It won’t be long before you’re all geared up and out on the open road! 

Happy cycling! 

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