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How Technology Like Strava is Changing Cycling Forever

How Technology Like Strava is Changing Cycling Forever     The modern-day version of just about everything is now virtually fully encompassed by digitalism.   With the likes of high-speed internet, smartphone apps and their advanced delivery methods, tech companies have made it easier than ever to record, monitor and encourage competition for a range of once fun and recreational activities – the cycling industry has now also fallen victim to these new-era ways!    Fitness apps primarily designed for cycling and running are the next addition and proceeding steps to push us further in the direction of competition while the social aspects of group exercise start to diminish.    Strava seems to be one of the major contributors to the...

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How to Maintain Your Cycling Regime During Stage 4 Lockdowns

With the coronavirus pandemic seemingly far from over, it’s looking more like we’ll have to learn to live with a few restrictions effecting our lifestyles.  Victoria in particular remain under stage 4 lockdown without any signs showing of easing up any time soon.   By now Victorian residents are likely starting to lose it as being stripped of their freedoms and ability to undergo adequate exercise begins to take its toll.   Cyclists are among the many fitness sectors eager to see restrictions wound back to finally partake in their beloved hobby as normal again.   Let’s take a look at the current rules and a few ways to get the most out of your cycling during these difficult times....

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Virtual Tour de France: How it’s going to work

Virtual Tour de France 2020 Vogue Cycling Team  COVID-19 has blindsided us all. From local shops and restaurants, to global sporting events, each and every one of us has suffered to some degree during 2020. Of course, this year’s Tour de France has been no exception. We’ve seen virtual types of just about everything spring up over the past few months like concerts, events and most of our workplaces. But how would a virtual version of this incredible cycling event even be possible?  Let’s look at how the Tour de France is going to run in a virtual compacity this year. Here’s what you need to know:  How will it work? Not since the World Wars has the Tour de...

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6 Reasons Why Cycling is on the Rise Amidst the COVID Crisis

6 Reasons Why Cycling is on the Rise Amidst the COVID Crisis  Vogue Cycling  Renowned cycling designer with a flair for the simplistic and unique style. It’s a funny time. We’re uncertain of what’s to come, have confusing restrictions to decipher and have been locked down for far too long. Exercise has become the go-to option for people starting to go a little ‘cuckoo’ during the COVID-19 debacle. “But I’m still trying to avoid crowds”, you say.   Well, that’s just another good reason why recreational cycling has jumped 300% over the past three months. Let us give you a few more convincing reasons why you should get the old deadly-treadly out right now!  1. It’s enjoyed together, while keeping distant ...

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Training Like a Sprinter

Training Like a Sprinter: Key Suggestions for Speed Enhancement To ride quicker and enhance power, riders can reap the rewards of sprint sessions.An impactful sprint warrants both high leg speed and power.All sprinters, particularly track sprinters, perform more plyometrics and off-the-bike weightlifting than any other kind of cyclist. To covert that power and strength into acceleration when riding, riders also get high cadence leg work in. There are several variations of sprinting, all of which warrant different approaches from the cyclist. Robert Förstemann is a muscular individual. In comparison, Peter Sagan, a road sprinter, is lean, despite being quite strong. Sagan needs the endurance to go the distance before cutting loose with this sprint power. Dedicated sprinters are blessed with...

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