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Training Like a Sprinter

Training Like a Sprinter: Key Suggestions for Speed Enhancement

To ride quicker and enhance power, riders can reap the rewards of sprint sessions.An impactful sprint warrants both high leg speed and power.

All sprinters, particularly track sprinters, perform more plyometrics and off-the-bike weightlifting than any other kind of cyclist. To covert that power and strength into acceleration when riding, riders also get high cadence leg work in. There are several variations of sprinting, all of which warrant different approaches from the cyclist. Robert Förstemann is a muscular individual. In comparison, Peter Sagan, a road sprinter, is lean, despite being quite strong. Sagan needs the endurance to go the distance before cutting loose with this sprint power. Dedicated sprinters are blessed with muscle fibers that permit explosive and quick pedaling. Climbers don’t have to be as muscular to excel at sprint style training, though. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sprinter or not. Training like one can boost your leg speed and enhance your peak power output. Endurance can be improved to kickstart your V02max for Tabata-style training. There are a few specific kinds of sprint training. They can be integrated into individual sessions or lengthier endurance rides.

Effective sprint sessions

Slow-start power sprints

Start at a slow speed before your power explodes. Ideal for climbs, standing starts, and attacking.

·               With a big gear selected, moderately roll until you're close to a standstill.

·               Accelerate and hold for twenty seconds while out of or in the saddle. Keep holding until you begin to spin out.

·               Transition back into a more basic gear and spin for about five minutes.

·               Keep doing this for up to eight times.

Sprinting from a quick pace at super speed

If fellow riders are sprinting against you, odds are you’re moving quick, to begin with. This session will enhance leg speed for acceleration purposes, helping you achieve the gap you desire.

·      To raise your speed, cycle on a downhill slope safely. When you approach the end of the hill, change gears and accelerate by raising your cadence.

·      As you approach the flat, maintain your speed. This is also applicable if the end of the subsequent hill has a road with a rolling stretch.

Ongoing high-speed endeavors via Tabata-style sprints

Consistent high-speed explosions with minimal recovery time intermissions will enhance your sprint and increase your endurance for long-distance rides.

In race scenarios, a single sprint is usually insufficient. If you need to make an attack stick more than once, try this session to sprint from corners.

·      Sprint rigorously for half a minute before peddling less aggressively for another half minute. Do five sets of this.

·      Don’t stop peddling between endeavors. To maintain a high speed, you’ll need to retain your momentum.

·      Take a five-minute recovery spin before repeats (for up to five times per session).

·      End your ride with a decent cooldown.