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13 Tips To Help You Increase Your Average Cycling Speed

If you have ever wondered how fast you were pedaling, know that you are not alone. Kids and adults, when riding their bikes, often wonder this. It’s only natural. After all, people are competitive by nature. Thankfully, you can purchase a bike computer that will provide you with information on your current speed, maximum speed and average speed. However, for some people with a highly competitive spirit or are interested in their physical fitness, they may want to know if they’re doing better than other cyclists and if they have the ability to go faster?  Now, it’s hard to discern what the average road cyclist speed is, as there are an array of factors to take into consideration such as...

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2018 TrainerRoad training software review

2018 TrainerRoad training software review TrainerRoad training software review - a very impactful and user-friendly power-based training program. "Maybe the best $12.00 per month you can spend on getting quicker!" Positives: Greatest trainer-workout program available; compatible with most operating systems and devices (Bluetooth, Ant+, iOS, Android, PC); comes with training plans. Negatives: Training plans are trainer-centric. There is no simple export feature to conduct workouts on another head unit or Garmin. Purchase if: You desire a customized plan or a whole training plan full of indoor workouts on an impactful, contemporary medium. Riding a trainer without direction can be somewhat tiresome. Precise, focused workouts provide more impactful training than most outside rides. For a monthly fee of $12.00, TrainerRoad provides an abundance of...

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To Get in Shape, How Frequently Should I Cycle?

Ongoing, brief rides are the quickest ways to enhance your fitness and cycling performance. Just about everyone who rides does so to get in better shape. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a newcomer, though, experience is irrelevant. The same rules apply to everyone. Training is a regulated approach to giving our bodies a challenge, and ongoing training lets the body get in better shape by adapting to it. To progress, we must raise the difficulty of such challenges on a continuous basis. This can entail riding harder or further. Your fitness game won’t improve – or perhaps even go in the opposite direction - if you don’t regularly stress your body out with new physical challenges. Enhancing...

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Master Hill Climbing: Suggestions to Get to the Top Faster

Master Hill Climbing: Suggestions to Get to the Top Faster There are several areas in the nation where it’s feasible to finish rides of a notable distance with low ascent. If you don’t incline by nature, you might be partial to bombing along the flat rather than enhancing your climbing. Everyone has their strengths, talents, and weaknesses. If climbing is one of your weaknesses, you should do it more to get better at it. The powerhouse form, along with its bigger mass, helps some riders rock the shine or sprint on the flat, which isn’t usually conducive to gradients more than 5%. That said, you can always do better. With a focus on the proper aspects, you may outdo yourself!...

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A Review of the Best Road Bike Tyres 2018

A Review of the Best Road Bike Tyres 2018 In this article, you will learn what to check when buying a new set of road bike tyres to get the best performance. One of the most important ways of maximising your biking experience is to upgrade your road bike tyres. A quality tyre can significantly decrease the number of punctures you pick on the road, increase your grip, and reduce your rolling resistance. Choosing the best road bike tyres requires knowing the most important characteristics. You can choose from a wide range of options on the market with features such as improved grip, low weight, puncture protection, and low rolling resistance. Most of the time, you can’t have all these...

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