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Icon Active Cycling Jersey
Icon Active Cycling Jersey

Icon Active Cycling Jersey

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Winter is coming so as this new addition to our long sleeve jersey collection.

It can be difficult to decide what to wear during spring and autumn, full winter kit can leave you too hot, too sweaty and then easily chilled when you stop, while summer kit is too thin to offer the warmth needed even at higher intensities.

Icon active is a  stylish and fuss-free long sleeve jersey that is light enough to be worn as an outer garment when temperatures are cold. Used under more protective outer layers to add extra insulation on colder days. 

With three deep pockets on the back of the jersey, there’s room for all your ride essentials, such as a multi-tool, spare inner tubes, plus all the essential snacks. It has a mesh fabric under the pockets for breathability. A 3m high visibility reflective is added to make it more safer for night rides.


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