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ROX Camo Cycling Jersey
ROX Camo Cycling Jersey

ROX Camo Cycling Jersey

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You can never go wrong with a Camo jersey when you're on the road. The ROX Camo Cycling Jersey not only offers an exquisite design but has the functions of a high quality jersey. 

It's made from polyester and breathable fabric for added comfort when you take your spins around the city or take it farther on weekends for longer rides. It's quick dry and anti-sweat which wicks away moisture from your body. It's fit to the body without restricting the movement as you maneuver the bike on the road. Suitable for those cold days, just add in a vest and you're good to go!

It's 3 deep pockets provides room for all your ride essentials such as multi-tools, an extra garment or accessories and the snacks that would keep you going on those long journeys.


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