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Supra Elite Bib Shorts
Supra Elite Bib Shorts
Supra Elite Bib Shorts

Supra Elite Bib Shorts

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The Supra Elite gives you the most comfortable experience possible every time while your on the road!

Whether your a beginner or a professional cyclist, the Supra Elite Bib Shorts delivers incredible comfort on the saddle. Premium material quality seat pad won't let you down. It is perfect for road and off road activities.

Designed for men as it provide good support while in the  saddle. Reliving pressure and favoring blood flow.  It Increasing saddle stability while offering gradual areas of transition during rides. The perforations on the surface allow for higher air permeability resulting in lower skin temperature and reduced moisture making it more comfortable for the rider. The seamless cutting design provides additional comfort and reducing friction to the skin.

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