Vapor X Premium Bib Shorts

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The Vapor X Bib Shorts are our lastest 2020 Bib Shorts.  They have some handy extra features to make them brilliant for riding on any surface. Extra durability and pocket storage are built-in for your cycling adventures.

For when you need a Bib short that delivers as you focus on the ride and performance is everything. With all of the features that you would expect from a premium pair of bib shorts.

Constructed from gradient stretch woven material, offering high levels of durability, excellent compression, incredible breathability and a UPF 50+ rating.

Anatomically shaped to give an excellent fit, the Chamois gives fantastic comfort and stability while in the saddle. Holding the legs in place are grippers, with custom-designed bib straps allowing the shorts to move with you as you ride to keep comfort levels at their maximum. Relief to the lower back is provided by the lumbar support panel to stave off those aches and pains on longer rides.

- Features X style straps 
- Pockets on each side